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30% discount for any participation to one of our programs before February 28th, 2015



The “Moorea Dolphin Center” is not only a commercial entity, it is first and foremost a responsible business concerned about the protection of the environment and the preservation of the marine world.

Aware of its educational role and mission, the Center welcomes elementary schools from the islands free of charge and enriches their program with the essential values that will help raise awareness that on marine environment protection.

Moorea Dolphin Center features both educational and environmental activities offering visitors the unique opportunity to interact with dolphins as well as learning more about the Polynesian fragile lagoon environment.

All our programs have been carefully developed with the help and expertise of specialists - biologists and vets - in order to protect the quality of life of our dolphins. They are addressed to all, without particular watery competences and allow a contact going from 15 to 45 minutes following the selected option.

Hina, Lokahi and Kuokoa welcome you to the Moorea Dolphin Center. Follow the guide and enter this captivating and magic world.

The Moorea Dolphin Center does not have the legal rights to accept volonteers

« Alliance members strongly condemn the annual dolphin & whale hunt in Taiji Japan and the cruelty inflicted on the animals killed or injured in the practice. Our accredited member institutions cannot and do not accept animals from this or any other fisheries the purpose of which is to kill marine mammals. We urge others to join us in speaking out against this practice”.

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